Ambassade du Cameroun auprès du royaume d'Espagne

Madame Rose Monique YANGA, épouse de l’Ambassadeur, a reçu samedi 09 avril 2022 à la Résidence du Cameroun, des camerounaises d’Espagne pour un moment de communion et de partage.

Award ceremony for African personalities working for the African community in Spain. Fundraising to fund charitable activities of ACES in Cameroon

Hermine Vanessa ESSIBEN President of the cultural association Sawa o Pagnya, is the promoter of the big charity gala that took place Saturday, November 16, 2019 in Zaragoza to collect donations for orphans and widows of the crisis in the north West and Southwest regions of our country.

Fashion show, musical and humorous show, award ceremony and fundraising were on the menu of that event.

The Embassy was represented by Mrs. HANGLOG Thérèse Christiane Second Counselor

The young Cameroonian entrepreneur TRIYAH SWEBU LEBOH received on 23 September 2019 in Madrid, the award for Excellence and Quality in Management awarded by the organization BIDGROUP ONE, in the presence of the Second Counselor of the Embassy of Cameroon in Madrid.

The 40-year-old loan fund that was negotiated for nine-year-olds in Douala was hired at 50 persons, at the beginning of the Encargado de Negocios de la Embajada de Camerún in Madrid. that lo felicitó y lo approximó.

The BIDGROUP ONE awards for 33 years and in 179 countries around the world, the various initiatives oriented towards the development and implementation of quality as well as the processes of transformation of companies and organizations

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