Ambassade du Cameroun auprès du royaume d'Espagne

Parcs Nationaux

Cameroon has nine national parks spread over the territory.

  • The WAZA park (170 000 ha) (lion, giraffe, elephant, cob, ostrich, damalisque, cheetah, waterbuck, etc …). it is the most famous park in the country and one of the most spectacular in French-speaking Africa. Located in the far north, it is a paradise for lions, many mammals but also a large colony of birds. It is a park to discover absolutely.
  • BOUBA NDJIDAH park (220 000 ha) (rhinoceros, lion, derby moose, etc …). Located in the northeastern region, it is the territory of the rhinoceros.
  • The park BENOUE (180 000 ha) (hippopotamus, hyena, panther, etc …). In the center of the northern region, it is the favorite place of the largest known antelopes, the derby spurs.
  • The FARO park (300 000 ha) (buffalo, rhinoceros, bushbuck, etc …). The northwest of the region includes many large animals.
  • The KALAMALOUE park (4,500 ha) elephant, birds, crocodile, giraffe, many birds.
  • The park of MOZOGO GOKORO (1400 ha) presents before all a botanical interest.
  • The KORUP National Park is located in the South West Province. Covering an area of ​​1259 km2, it is considered one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical forests in the world. Korup has survived the ice age, hence the richness of its flora and fauna that make it an eco-tourism paradise.
  • LOBEKE Park, a forest and wildlife reserve, is one of the few gorilla sanctuaries in the world.
  • CAMPO MA’AN Park is home to lush elephants and chimpanzees in their natural habitat.